Can CBD Users Donate Blood?

CBD Users Donate Blood
CBD Users Donate Blood
CBD Users Donate Blood
CBD Users Donate Blood

Blood transfusions become necessary in several cases including surgery, severe accident/injury, medical conditions like hemophilia, and anemia. The healthcare authorities of all countries across the globe encourage blood donation, provided the donors are eligible for the same.

What are the factors that determine one’s ability to donate blood? Can CBD users donate blood? Read on for the answers.

What Determines Your Eligibility To Donate Blood?

Here are some of the common factors that disqualify you from blood donation.

  • Use of illicit injection drugs
  • Having acute infection at the time or just before the day of blood donation
  • Having given birth within the past 1 ½ months
  • Being pregnant
  • Being positive for HIV or Hepatitis B or C
  • Taking injection drugs like steroids
  • Having a blood clotting disorder

Can CBD Users Donate Blood?

The answer is Yes. Using CBD or any other cannabis product does not disqualify you from donating blood. The American Red Cross does not encourage the use of controlled substances, alcohol, marijuana, and nicotine. However, they do not take these factors into account when determining a person’s eligibility to donate blood.

Can You Donate Blood If You Use Nicotine?

Nicotine consumption does not disqualify you from donating blood.

If you have the habit of smoking, we recommend abstaining from it on the day of your appointment. Smoking increases your blood pressure, which means smoking before your appointment could disqualify you from blood donation.

Medical Conditions That Could Disqualify You From Donating Blood

Here are some of the medical conditions that could disqualify you from donating blood. These conditions could sometimes be caused by smoking.

  • Cancer: If you are currently undergoing cancer treatment or have lymphoma or leukemia, you cannot donate blood.
  • High blood pressure: If your blood pressure is too high at the time of the appointment, you might get disqualified from donating.
  • Heart and lung disease: If you have had a stroke or heart attack, you might be able to donate blood only after 6 months. If you have the symptoms of a heart or lung condition, you will be declared ineligible for donation.

Does Blood Bank Test For THC?

After donation, the blood will be stored in blood banks after some mandatory tests including blood and Rh typing, as well as testing for infections like HIV, syphilis, West Nile virus, hepatitis B and C, and more.

No tests are done to detect the presence of THC in the blood.