Baking: Turning The Heat Up With CBD

Hemp Based CBD
Hemp Based CBD
Hemp Based CBD
Hemp Based CBD

The term Cannabidiol or CBD has been seen plastered all over the place- From news prime times to ads on blogging sites. The world is enraptured by the magic of this mystical medication that is hailed to bring health and wellness to its users. For the most part, all of what has been promised has been delivered by CBD- this is exactly why it is such a hit!

It has worked for millions of people, and the numbers are only growing. The displacement that the CBD herbal medication is planning to create in the traditional pharma space is beyond conceivable. We are here, not to sing praise and sit around the fire speaking tales about CBD. We are here to tell you of all the fun ways in which you can use CBD, with one way in particular- Baking!

Baking with CBD can be an exciting and delicious way to enjoy the health benefits that CBD offers. From headaches, anxiety and stress to inflammation and pain, there is nothing that a CBD brownie or cookie won’t be able to solve for you. Baking with CBD helps incorporate the best of both worlds, seamlessly into one single tasty morsel.

Setting the foundation…

Where Does CBD Come From?

CBD or cannabidiol is one, of the close to 100 active ingredients (or cannabinoids) that are present in hemp plants and others in the cannabis family. When it comes to CBD oil, it is harvested and extracted from the stalk, flowers and leaves. These are the location in the plant that has the highest concentrations of CBD.

Unlike what is commonly misperceived, hemp CBD or CBD in general cannot intoxicate. The intoxicating effects that marijuana is known for, is credited to tetrahydrocannabinol or THC. It is a psychoactive substance, meaning it interacts with the central and peripheral nervous systems. This is exactly the same as CBD, but the effects that they cause are polar opposites!

CBD is therapeutic and holistic in its effects, whereas THC is known to exhibit predominantly intoxicating effects, such as slurred speech, poor coordination, memory impairment, slowed breathing, lack of coordination, reduced heart rate and poor judgment. You don’t have to worry when it comes to consuming Hemp based CBD, as the percentage of THC present is only 0.3%, which is not enough to cause any significant effect.

CBD: The Perfect Companion To Bake With

Baking with CBD is very much possible because it is oil-based. Hemp oil is derived from the same hemp plant, but devoid of cannabinoids. It is already popular as a healthier alternative to many low-quality hydrogenated oils that are littered on the shelves in the aisles at supermarkets. CBD extract is often mixed in with hemp oil, or MCT oil that is obtained from coconuts which is another popular source for cooking oils.

How Do You Choose The Right CBD To Be Baking With?

When you are choosing the right CBD for you to bake with, there are a few considerations that will help make the experience enjoyable and give great end results:

  • The Flavor

The flavor of the CBD tincture goes a long mile is deciding how delicious the end product is going to be. The last thing you need is to be eating a brownie with your eyes watering. There are plenty of flavors to be chosen, from fruity and spicy to minty and sweet. The flavor profiles shine through. If you like the natural flavor of hemp CBD, which is synonymous with dry earth and grass, then you, could do that as well. You should think about what the various flavors that are available are, and how they will work together.

  • The Concentration

When you are baking with CBD, it is important to get the concentration right. You will want to put enough CBD so as to get the desired dose, across the number of servings that you intend on having. To ensure that it goes around, it is advised that you try out a higher concentration CBD product. This way, you will require lower liquid so as to deliver the needed optimal dose. Make sure to figure out the dose and multiply it in proportion with the other ingredients.

  • The Carrier Oil Or Base

Most CBD tinctures have a base or carrier oil, which may or may not be suitable to be cooked with. These carrier oils often have low smoking points that may be lower than that of CBD. Hemp oil and MCT oils are great carrier oils that you can cook with. If you have an exotic carrier oil then it would be wise to research on it before dunking it head first in the batter mixing bowl.

Baking with CBD is effortless. It is an interesting way to make a chocolate cake healthy! Do try out the full length of the CBD therapy-chances are that you will be bowled away!