Taking CBD For Your Workouts

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The trend of using CBD has gone through the roof, and now even athletes have started to see what it is that is being offered by the fabled herbal extract. These athletes prefer the natural, healthier alternative to addictive opioids and even over-the-counter prescription drugs. The benefits of using CBD is what propelled its fan following to millions, and there is no sign of a slow down any time soon.

Why Athletes Go For CBD?

Avoid Pharmaceutical Drugs

Over the counter prescription drugs (OTC) is not as safe as most people would like to think. Most of us know of the damage that long-term use of opioids can do, but many believe that NSAIDs are totally safe. The truth is that they can cause a range of life-threatening conditions among elderly users which include gastrointestinal bleeding. Even physically fit athletes must keep a few steps away from NSAIDs, especially during sessions and events that run for long. The reason for this is because drugs cause an increased risk of the renal damage and in general, the long-term track record of frequent use of NSAIDs is terrible- you are at a much higher risk of heart attack and stroke than someone who doesn’t take them.

CBD Helps To Boost Recovery

The importance of recovery and rest is a pillar that makes up an effective training regimen. CBD products can be used to alleviate pain. But this is not why athletes are taking in more of CBD. CBD helps to improve sleep and there is solid evidence that points to the fact that sleep quality and duration can speed up the recovery process.

CBD prevents the reuptake of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), which is broken down when the carbohydrates are used for energy, and this is accumulated in the brain. When the ATP binds to the neurons, it inhibits the neurotransmitter’s release and this slows down the brain activity. The body breaks down ATP as you sleep and the lower concentrations cause you to wake up.

CBD binds with the receptors that breakdown ATP and allow persisting in the system for longer. The result is that you end up feeling sleepier quicker. Apart from this, CBD use can help in enhancing the quality of sleep in the following ways:

  • Reduces stress and anxiety
  • Helps act as a neuro-protector
  • It helps in promoting relaxation of muscles
  • It allows in the control of appetite and boosts weight loss if done right
  • CBD is an adaptogen, which helps in bringing users back to a state of homeostasis, or balance