Can CBD Help One To Stop Drinking And Smoking?

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In America, excessive smoking and too much alcohol consumption cause over half a hundred thousand deaths yearly. About one out of eight Americans has alcoholism, plus 50 million individuals have tobacco addiction. It is nigh impossible to stop the said habits through sheer will power alone. Cannabidiol holds the potential to aid individuals in overcoming both tobacco addiction and alcoholism. Here, we will look at in what way it can be useful in these regards.

CBD For Drinking Problem

Alcohol addiction stems from the recurrent consumption of liquor that causes the user failing to meet their duties at their workplace or school. Several individuals will consume a drink or two to calm down after their work time, but skipping work to consume it is a sign that one has an alcohol addiction. It possibly causes several knock-on effects, like accidents, and a condition known as fetal alcohol syndrome. FAD occurs in a newborn due to his or her pregnant mother’s habit of drinking too much. Now, this is where CBD for alcoholism comes in.

As per a study published in the ‘Frontiers in Pharmacology’ journal, cannabidiol “could directly reduce alcohol drinking in subjects with AUD.”

Cannabidiol aids the user in overcoming alcoholism. Some regard it as a sign of other health conditions like anxiety or stress, and they feel that consumption goes up with situations that trigger it. Research indicates that cannabidiol makes animals less reactive to triggers for liquor consumption that occur due to stress. This effect lasts for months after CBD is administered to those animals.

Stress possibly makes one consume alcohol more often, but it can rapidly turn into a physical form of addiction, in which the major reason to worry is withdrawal symptoms. In the event of dealing with these issues, you need not worry because cannabidiol would help you.

Shared below is the finding of a study published on National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) website. As per the study, “In both rodent and cell culture models, CBD was found to exert a neuroprotective effect against adverse alcohol consequences on the hippocampus.”

Simply put, cannabidiol reduces alcohol addiction’s withdrawal symptoms, at the same time eases anxiety and stress.

Cannabidiol To Stop Cigarette Use

As with alcohol addiction, the prolonged cigarette use in spite of it negatively affecting an individual’s wellbeing, is a sign that they are addicted to nicotine. Smoking possibly causes cancer, respiratory problems, and emphysema. Like in the case of alcoholism, the excessive smoker experiences withdrawal symptoms, which make him or her repeat the habit to overcome these symptoms. Therefore, quitting smoking is also difficult.

The University College London’s Clinical Psychopharmacology Unit conducted a study, where volunteers were provided with an inhaler that contained cannabidiol or placebo. When they had the temptation to smoke, the volunteers were instructed to just utilize the inhaler instead. The finding of this piece of research is as follows.

“Over the treatment week, placebo-treated smokers showed no differences in the number of cigarettes smoked. In contrast, those treated with CBD significantly reduced the number of cigarettes smoked by ~40% during treatment.”

Other pieces of research have demonstrated that cannabidiol ingestion could make cigarette-related cues less attractive, so that smokers could have fewer tendencies to consider cigarettes right through the day.

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The WHO finds cannabidiol as a non-habit-forming substance, which does not pose any health risk. Using it has several benefits, such as easing inflammation, enhancing mood, making sleep better, alleviating anxiety, and treating severe conditions such as epilepsy. After you inhale cannabidiol, it will profoundly affect the mind and body, largely owing to the substance interacting indirectly with your endocannabinoid system. The interaction of CBD with ECS is the source of many of its health benefits, including those associated with abstinence from alcohol and smoking.

The Takeaway

Researchers are testing the effectiveness of cannabis and the chemical compounds of it in reducing tumor, treating post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, and depression. Many of them regard both it as a product to help individuals deal with the negative secondary effects of harsher substances. Liquor and tobacco may be readily available in stores at many street corners, but CBD is a much healthier and safer substitute for those.

When you find it difficult to abstain from alcohol or quit smoking, you can always seek help of CBD. Quitting both may be tough, but cannabidiol could aid in the process.