How To Increase CBD Bioavailability?

CBD Bioavailability
CBD Bioavailability
CBD Bioavailability
CBD Bioavailability

Bioavailability refers to the absorption percentage of CBD. In every intake method of CBD, only a certain percentage of CBD in the product reaches the bloodstream of the user. Vaping and smoking are some of the CBD intake methods that are known for bioavailability values reaching 60% and more.

Ways To Increase CBD Bioavailability

Here are some of the ways you by which you can improve the CBD bioavailability.

 Mix CBD With A High Fat Snack

If you are someone who is fond of CBD edibles, mixing CBD with a high-fat meal is a method you can try in order to increase CBD bioavailability, especially because CBD edibles have lower bioavailability. Due to its fat-soluble nature, CBD dissolves easily in fats and oils. The dissolution of CBD in fat breaks it down to smaller molecules that are absorbed with greater ease.

Consider The Option Of Emulsified CBD

 Emulsification of CBD by employing nanotechnology is increasingly popular for the high rate of absorption it guarantees. Emulsification micronizes CBD by breaking it down to microsized particles. The process can be performed in both water-based and oil-based products.

The smaller size and increased dispersion of CBD contribute significantly to its bioavailability. There are a few methods of emulsification available that produce different sized CBD molecules.

Increase Bioavailability With Supplemental Herbs

The following herbs have the ability to increase CBD bioavailability.

  • Black pepper: The beneficial compounds in black pepper including some terpenes make positive contributions to the availability of CBD.
  • Chamomile flowers: Chamomile flowers contain apigenin, a compound that prevents the breakdown of natural cannabinoids produced inside the body. It inhibits the action of the enzyme that breaks down the cannabinoids.
  • Piperine: Piperine increases the bioavailability of CBD by reducing the metabolic effects of the liver, which reduces the absorption rates of CBD.

Increase Bioavailability With Supplemental Terpenes

Terpenes are naturally occurring fatty oils that contribute to the characteristic aroma of fruits and herbs. Terpenes in hemp are extracted along with its cannabinoids to make full-spectrum hemp products. The collective action of all of these compounds produces entourage effect in the users. Terpenes work in different ways to increase the bioavailability of CBD.

CBD bioavailability influences the dosage of CBD that would be required by the user. If you choose a high bioavailability method, you get the desired effects with small doses.