An Ultimate CBD Savvy Guide

Pure CBD Oil
Pure CBD Oil
Pure CBD Oil
Pure CBD Oil

With more and more CBD based products available in the market these days, the risk of sub-standard products making their way to the shelves has also soared. At times like this, as a shopper what are you expected to do? Simple, arm yourself with all possible information you can get about CBD rather than just picking a product placed on the topmost shelf. Do you have any clue regarding how big a business it is anyway?

A survey conducted in the year 2019 which studied more than 2500 of its loyal customers revealed that more than 7% of the people have already included CBD in their daily routine. I am sure you have got a rough idea about the business potential we are talking about here. The present situation is such that it demands the savvy customers to be fully equipped with relevant information.  This brings us to the topic of discussion which sets out on guiding you on how to shop for CBD.

Types of CBD

No two lines of CBD products are manufactured equally. That said, I would also like to remind you that there are several ways to ingest CBD depending on the product line you choose to experiment with. Here is a breakdown of the various types of CBD oil.

Full Spectrum Hemp Oil

Also known as whole hemp oil or the full spectrum CBD oil; it is the most effective product of CBD you will find.This oil is extracted from the hemp plant and contains CBC, CBG, CBN, together with the naturally occurring terpenes and flavonoids. As per the regulations, they can contain a maximum of 0.3% THC. Don’t get all worked up just yet, and listen to this carefully! 0.3% of THC will surely not make you feel high.

Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil

Popularly known as hemp extract, hemp oil, or broad spectrum CBD oil; this oil consists of the same compositions present in a full spectrum hemp oil except that there is no THC! The omission of the psychoactive component THC is the only difference it has from a full spectrum hemp oil.

CBD Isolate

This product is popular by the names of CBD oil, hemp oil, or pure CBD oil. It is mainly because it excludes all the other compounds except CBD during its extraction process.

Hempseed Oil

It is popularly known as hemp extract. It is rich in fatty acids such as omega-3 s and contains no traces of any of the cannabinoids. This best justifies its worth in the world of cosmetics!